Rumor: HTC Android Phone With Slide-Out QWERTY Keypad Launching With T-Mobile?

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Being a day-two customer of the G1, I know the plight of slide-out QWERTY Android-lovers well. WHERE ARE OUR GODDAMN SLIDEY-ANDROIDS, HTC?!


I don't mean to be angry. I'm just tired of seeing the stunning slew of Android phones come out of HTC HQ, and thinking "that Legend looks nice...shame it doesn't have a slide-out keypad though."

If leaks concerning T-Mobile's Project Emerald are anything to go by, we might just get lucky, chums. TMONews is claiming that a "Nexus One-like device" is on the way, only with Android 2.1, HTC Sense, and potentially a Snapdragon processor. It might even be under the Sidekick brand, with the model name "Twist" being bandied about.

Interestingly, a front-facing camera has also been mentioned, following the EVO 4G.

A 4.3-inch AMOLED screen and 16GB of onboard storage round off the Project Emerald handset—which, I've got to be honest, sounds likes my dream machine. I'm even a T-Mobile customer! Make it happen, HTC. [TMONews via AndroidAndMe]

UPDATE: Some commenters have pointed out that this sounds suspiciously like the myTouch 3G Slide, which is launching with T-Mobile in June. While the specs don't line up, you've got to admit it does have a rather Sidekick-like appearance, no?



The Mytouch Slide isn't even remotely close to this rumor, aside from both of of them being Android sliders they're as different as two smartphones can be. Not to mention the first news of project emerald broke well after the mytouch slide was already officially announced.

The Sidekick Twist is either a new phone or a fake rumor that somebody made up. It isn't the Slide.