Newest iPhone 4.0 Beta Implies That AT&T Is Finally Ready For Tethering

Illustration for article titled Newest iPhone 4.0 Beta Implies That ATT Is Finally Ready For Tethering

Yes! Yes! Yes! Those sounds you heard moments ago are the horrified screams of your nearest AT&T towers. Why? Because iPhone OS 4.0 Beta 4 brings us a new option in the settings menu: Tethering.


PS: For those who aren't seeing the tethering option despite having the newest iPhone OS beta, just reset your network settings and that issue should be fixed. [Thanks, Zephix and Matt!]

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As much as I already pay for my iPhone each month, no thanks. I'd rather just surf through its tiny screen than pay some silly fee tacked onto my bill. Can someone explain to me why one would even have to pay anything extra at all when their phone already has a data plan included each month? I really don't get it.

I keep suspecting it's somewhere along the lines of why they even bother charging for text messages.