HTC Evo Getting Minor Software Update Next Week?

A Sprint source has leaked to BGR that the HTC Evo will mostly likely be getting a software update on June 28th. The update would bring improved Wi-Fi (802.11n, we're guessing), fix Exchange issues and repair a battery-draining problem with the official Facebook app. Why Sprint continues to have their Nascar app run in the background of all Evos at all times, we still don't know. [BGR]


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I hope it has something to do with being able uninstall their crapware. My Evo died while in standby just in a few short hours with Advanced Task Killer sniping stuff. I've noticed that the Cell Standby is what kills your battery. It's weird, I can use my Evo all friggin' day, abusing the data and GPS and still get ~13 hours, but overnight, not doing anything, it'll die.