Half of All Games Will Be 3D By 2012, Claims Ubisoft

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NVIDIA's already thrown its weight behind 3D gaming, and we all know Nintendo's got something exciting lined up soon—but if you speak to Ubisoft, 3D gaming will be so popular, by 2012 half the games will be 3D-enabled.

Speaking during an investors call, Ubisoft said that "we will see more and more product coming in 3D on 360 and PS3 but also on portable machines." Substantial growth is due to 3D gaming being "more immersive," and is a "good way for the industry to give even more emotion to the gamers."

It'll be a slow-burner, despite Nintendo's 3DS launching potentially before this Christmas. Ubisoft said they're reckoning on 15 - 20 per cent of games being 3D in the next year, but in 2012 it "will be at least 50 per cent of the games."


The PS3 will also be 3D-compatible, with some downloadable games expected shortly—though there have been some concerns over resolution and framerates. [CVG via Kotaku]

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Hearthatvoiceagain hates the new layout

I strongly suspect that by 2012 the current 3d fad will be a distant embarrassing memory, just like all the previous 3d fads.

Of course you will be able to see how distant a memory it is because it will be in 3d