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Leak: iPod Touch With 2MP Camera Surfaces In Vietnam

Illustration for article titled Leak: iPod Touch With 2MP Camera Surfaces In Vietnam

From the same country that leaked yesterday's plastic MacBook update (and the iPhone 4), comes a plethora of well-shot iPod Touch photos showing a 2MP camera. It looks remarkably similar to the iPods that appeared on eBay last month.


Tinhte's photos show a 64GB model with the new addition of a 2MP camera sensor, with one of the shots showing a sticker labelling all the parts.


Hardware-wise, we're looking at a unibody aluminum-like casing, with the dock connector and 3.5mm jack located on the base of the iPod, volume controls on the left side, and the sleep button on the top. So far, so normal.

As with all leaks, you've got to take it with a grain of salt—and even if this is a real iPod Touch that's come from Foxconn or Apple themselves, the final design might change between now and the reveal date, most likely WWDC in June, or later in September when Apple normally chooses to unveil iPods. [Tinhte via Engadget]

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Wait, I always thought the black corner in the back of the itouch was supposed to be where the camera went...