Foxconn Guards Allegedly Beat Up Workers On Tape

The stories coming out of Chinese gadget manufacturer Foxconn keep getting worse. Now, there's a video clip floating around the Chinese internet that shows a group of guards getting physical with some workers. Updated


Now, to be fair, there's not a lot of context in this video for the non-Chinese speaker. And I'm not sure I see what Shanghaiist sees, which is "three other guards outside have pinned another employee to the ground, and they are joined by another ten or so guards who then jointly beat the living daylights out of that guy." Maybe I missed something in the blurry shakiness, but I see some shoving and grabbing of shirts, but no real beatdowns.

So judge the clip for yourself. It could be a brutal beating of repressed workers by power-mad guards, or it could be a belligerent thief getting shown the door by security. The clip doesn't make the situation entirely clear.

Update: I've swapped out the newscast video for the complete and uncut video of the incident. [Shanghaiist]



Foxconn is a very modern facility in China. It is a heaven for many peasants who makes a few dollars a month turning soil in the country side. What we don't see those low profile sweat shop factories, those have far worst condition that this. Why? Because they don't make Apple products? No money reporting those sweat houses? Sad.