HTC Hero Owners Upgrading To Android 2.1 BEWARE

Yesterday we brought the good news to Hero owners that Sprint was pushing out the Android 2.1 firmware update—but before you press yes on that update, make sure you back up all your data.


Unlike most Android updates, Sprint's 2.1 one actually deletes all of the "current user data," according to the download page's warning. Google will back up all contact and email-related data, but photos, apps and whatever else you're holding on there will be lost. [HTC via Wired]

UPDATE: Obviously if you're a-storing your data on the microSD card, you should be fine—but just be careful to note down app settings and the like, which may need re-saving after the update.


Very Little Gravitas Indeed

I know things are different for everyone, so this is just my $0.02..

I've never really found this was a problem, once I got over my personal hangup on "loosing everything."

Contacts, calendar, etc are all stored. Once you're in 2.x, WiFi settings are also supposedly saved in the cloud, though I haven't tried that yet.

Photos, music, custom ringers, etc are all on your SD card. Many apps actually save data to your SD also. As for apps.. I never wind up with nearly as many apps installed, after I get things back the way I like. It's a spring cleaning, take advantage of it and cut out some of the crud.