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16-Year-Old Girl Arrested After Refusing To Relinquish Phone

Illustration for article titled 16-Year-Old Girl Arrested After Refusing To Relinquish Phone

As the report goes, a 16-year-old was so incensed over her father asking her to give him the cellphone, she scratched his face—and he had her arrested.


The girl from Okaloosa County, Florida, is to appear in juvenile court next month, charged with domestic battery. I think we can all remember what it was like, our parents threatening to take away some form of privilege, but did any of us get arrested and charged with domestic battery? I'd like to think not. Ah, the good ol' days. [NWF Daily News via Fark]

Image Credit: Xac

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Duncan Stevenson

Too many kids are under disciplined. I don't know if parents just don't know how, or don't have the guts, but (and maybe I'll be unpopular here) kids sometimes need a good spanking! Never did me any harm!