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Is This the Motorola Droid Shadow?

Illustration for article titled Is This the Motorola Droid Shadow?

A user at HowardForums posted this shot of the set-up guide for a new, unidentified Motorola Droid in a Motorola Shadow pre-release thread. Is this our first look at the upcoming Motorola Droid Shadow?


It's been suggested that the Shadow, with a reported 8MP, 720p video-shooting camera and a 4.3" touch screen, will be the successor to the original Droid, and that it could launch as early as July. If this is that device, it's our first look, besides some renderings from earlier in the year that showed a Droid-like phone with a white slide-out keyboard.


It's hard to tell much from this photo, but this mystery Droid does look like it could be running some updated version of Motoblur, a feature that is supposedly slated for the Shadow. Hopefully this leak is just the first and we'll see Shadow come out of the shadows a bit more soon. [HowardForums via Engadget]

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1/2 of me regrets getting the droid the day came out. The other half says, wow have I been happy the last few months