These Technicolor Dream Hands Could Revolutionize UI

With Microsoft and Sony both set to reveal Natal and Move software lineups at E3, it's kind of crazy to think their invested millions may have just been usurped by a pair of $1 Lycra gloves and a webcam.

The gloves, seen above, are hideously patchwork on purpose. According to their designers at MIT, the 20 irregular shapes and 10 colors are read by a webcam and translated into unique commands via simple finger-based gestures.


The demo video is, in a word, impressive:

Click to view

Looks good, but do you hate the colors? Do they clash with your commanding GQ sense of style?

No worries, fashionista, as Francis MacDougall, CTO and co-founder of gesture-recognition company GestureTek, says the pattern could be changed to something a little less loud and still function properly. Using a "retro-reflective" material, one could make gloves with patterns that only a camera's eye could see.

Now, why "one" would want to do such a thing is beyond me. Those colors look like half the fun. [MIT via Wired]


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