Free iPods for everybody! Or at least discounted! We've gotten heads up from readers about a couple of new ways to get your hand on an iPod mini; one for free, one for $150.

J&R (and maybe other retailers) is running a promotion where a one-year subscription to audiobooks vendor ($15 a month) gets you a $100 discount on the purchase of an iPod mini. Not a great deal at all if you don't have an interest in audiobooks, but otherwise a good way to go.

Or consider taking a trip to Europe on Air France, where from now until November 15th any business class ticket qualifies you for a free silver iPod mini (you have to send in for it, though; they don't just hand it to you along with your fromage barrage).


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Apparently, that Audible deal isn't that new. I wouldn't know. I don't read.