Question of the Day: iPhone 4 or HTC Evo?

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OK, so the details are all out in the open, so the $10 million question is this: this summer, would you rather buy an iPhone 4 or an HTC Evo?


Remember, you'll be stuck with your choice for two years, so make it count!



i own an iphone 3gs, the answer for me is simple, the evo doesn't require my friends to use an evo to video chat, the evo doesn't say i can only install what google ok's, the evo allows me to change sms text messaging sounds, the evo allows me to customize my device in any way i see fit without a 'jailbreak' really went lackluster here. they must have been at a complete loss as to what to do for WWDC when every single one of their 'game changers' was outdone by android months prior. android does free turn by turn navigation, and better than any paid versions on iphone, android has 8mp camera and HD video, it has a myriad of media players, and does video chat better than the iphone is going to and theres over 50,000 apps in the android market, as well as countless, (probably more) outside of the market you can install easily, since they don't limit you to an app store. yeah the answer is simple, apple has been outdone, and they clearly don't know how to keep up at this point. an open model is beating them.