What 25,000 Barrels of Oil a Day Looks Like

Estimates of how much of BP's oil is gushing into the gulf each day range from 25,000 to 40,000 barrels' worth a day. Here's what the low end of that looks like stacked to the heavens.


The animation was made using the Unreal Development Kit, and simulates 25,000 barrels stacked 15,000 feet into the air, then collapsing group by group.

All of that. Full of oil. Every day. [YouTube via The High Definite]


To everyone examining the accuracy of this video, make sure that you're assigning 20 barrels to a stack/layer. There's a square pillar in the center that's surrounded by one layer of barrels so the 6x6 you see doesn't mean 36 barrels per stack. It's (6x6)-(4x4) or 36-16 which we all know equals 20... except for Stimpy.

See 0:52 for proof.

It may still be off but I haven't seen a calculation use the correct numbers yet.

If it is off, who gives a shit?