Test Notes: iMovie for iPhone 4

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I just shot and edited an HD movie on a smartphone in under 5 minutes. Perspective: my digital camera computer from 10 years ago couldn't have done this. And here, with titles, transitions, themes and soundtracks, for $5.


The iMovie app opens quizzically, with unlabeled icons. Just hit the plus to start a project. Pick one of five themes—modern, bright, travel, playful and news—which come with transitions, animated title art for opening, middle and closing clips, and music.

You add clips from your video collection, which are shown like iMovie for Mac clips, with multiple thumbs per clip. You add another video or image and transitions are inserted between clips. Click on those transitions to use the theme or generic fade transitions, and adjust the time to change. You can also add video or stills using the camera, or add your own soundtrack from your music collection.

Exporting is easy—you can choose 360p, 540p or 720p resolutions. The times to process such videos was about 1/2, equal, and 2x the time of the clip, respectively. Very fast! Exporting the videos puts them in your camera roll where you can, like any other vid, send them by email, sms, youtube or mobile me. But they get compressed this way, if too big, and for best quality, you should be using iPhoto or image capture or whatever.

I wish there were more themes. Maybe soon.

Processing the three movies above, my iPhone 4 went from 100% to 94%. I can't complain about this. After all, I'm shooting and editing high definition movies on a pocket computer.

Sample videos, at 360p, 540p and 720p. Forgive the low light conditions.



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