4iThumbs: iPhone Gets Another Physical Keyboard Idea

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Still wish the iPhone had physical letter keys like Blackberries or WinMo phones? First there was that butt-ugly iTwinge keyboard holster, now there's 4iThumbs: a clear plastic overlay with nubs located over the on screen keyboard.

On the upside, the covers only cost $15 (portrait), $17 (landscape), or $20 for both. Problem is, you're supposed to slap them on and off when you want to continue using the iPhone's touchscreen. That's not only a pain in the ass, but I'm sure the adhesive won't last too long, either. Update: The 4iThumbs team got in touch to clarify that the overlay doesn't actually adhere to iPhone screen—it slips and clicks into 2 black strips that remain on the top and bottom portions of the face. You can't see it in the shots because they integrate into the design of the phone and allow the screen to be inserted and removed as much as you want.


So maybe 4iThumbs might interest those who type novel-length emails and texts, or those who really suck at the touchscreen keyboard. What do you think? [4iThumbs via Engadget]

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Just take the time to learn how to type on the iPhone. It's not nearly as hard as it seems at first. No reason to defeat the whole purpose of the virtual keypad by sticking this stupid thing on the screen.

For people who struggle with typing on the iPhone, I give a few words of advice. First, don't try to go too fast. Type reasonably quickly but methodically (about two letters a second), pause briefly on each letter before lifting the thumb each time, and let autocorrect do its thing. Also, tap lightly. No need to press hard. That's the beauty of a touch keypad. No need to "click" the keys and tire your thumbs in the process.