Oh my. I knew that I was asking for trouble when I called in Photoshops of inappropriate spokespeople for gadgets, but I didn't realize just how much trouble I was going to get. I got a huge response for this one, including some of the most sick (and hilarious) entries to a Photoshop contest yet. Beyond the literally 30 Steven Hawking selling the Wii Fit ads and nearly the same amount of Ballmer or Gates selling the iPhone, there were some really creative and brilliant entries here. Hit the jump for the top three winners and then the 40+ runners up in our Gallery of Champions. And remember: these are the fruits of our readers' sick, sick minds, not ours.

First Place - Heath Ledger for Dr. Mario by Terry Montimore

This is so wrong, yet so right.

Second Place - Josef Fritzl for Kwikset Locks by Robert Knapp

Too soon? Yes, yes it is too soon.

Third Place - Overly Tanned New Jersey Kid for Bravia by Marcus Eckert

Words can't express how much I love this entry. Perfection.

And now for the rest of the best. If yours didn't make it in, there's a good chance that's because it included Stephen Hawking, Hellen Keller, Bill Gates or Steve Ballmer. There were just way too many of the same jokes, but there'll be another contest soon, so you can try again. Thanks to everyone for entering!

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