Robots robots robots... from sexy ones to fighting ones, we love them here at Giz. But this amazing project by Matt Denton over at Robosavvy has me in two minds. It's a modified DIY hexapod robot with a motorised Dremel-tool nose, and Matt's written some code that lets the robot move the cutting tool with precision, so it acts like a little precision CNC mill. And it's amazing: wait til you see the video of it in action, carving out a model. But is this project a scary step towards self-replicating 'bots?

Matt's achieved such precision in such a short time of working on this project, I can't help but wonder about it. Look at that robotic femur—it's just polystyrene, but surely this is step one on the road to metal-cutting self-replicating robots? The thought of one of these, armed with that eerie-sounding cutting tool, advancing across the floor towards me is a real heebie-jeebie inducer...


Just kidding, of course. As long as it doesn't choose to remodel anyone's face with that Dremel cutter, it's a pretty cool project. [Project page via Robosavvy —Thanks Limor]