An independent Mac fork of XBMC (formerly Xbox Media Center)-a lauded cross-platform solution for streaming media-has just gotten a neat new name: "Plex." (That's short for "cineplex.") But we know how it is. You use Front Row and think it's great. Before you go back into your Apple shell, check out this Aeon skin for Plex (it also works for all other XBMC versions). Currently in alpha release, it features a fluid wallpaper effect á la iPod coupled with the simplicity of Delicious Library's shelf organization. Our own Brian Lam said to me, "I've never seen a Media Center UI look so nice." I have to agree. (Well, I actually do agree. But I think that I have to agree, too.) Here's a massive gallery of shots from Plex running Aeon:

[Plex and Aeon via Crunchgear]