The burning question answered by these pics from CrackBerry: What does the touchscreen BlackBerry's keyboard look like? As rumored, landscape gets you full QWERTY, while portrait mode drops you to SureType to squeeze in all the buttons. It's straightforwardly utilitarian-taking up a massive amount of screen real estate, it definitely lacks in the glitz department. Here's a shot of the SureType keyboard:

CrackBerry also reiterates the past bit that it'll be a glass multi-touch screen with dual tactile feedback-it pushes in just a bit like a giant button and has localized haptics (it vibrates where you push it). However, the BlackBerry button will still be in heavy use to navigate around the OS. No further info on the delayed/not delayed spat, or on the name. We've heard that its carrier name is actually Storm. [CrackBerry]