Nothing puts a damper on summertime activities quite like an infestation of pests. The warm weather brings out all kinds of creepy-crawlies, and getting the upper hand on them is no easy task. There are plenty of traditional methods of handling the situation, but they all lack one key element-fun. Indeed, a twisted type of pleasure can be derived from exterminating these pests if you have the right tools. So arm yourself with the following gadgets and enjoy some sick summertime fun.

Manual Methods:

Bug Net Launcher Gun: Just pull the trigger and four darts will shoot out carrying a net for capturing bugs. Available for $20. [Amazon]

Bug Zapper Tennis Racket: Fry those pesky insects and work on your backhand at the same time. Just two AA batteries will provide enough juice to electrocute the little suckers on contact. Available for $10. [Product Page]

Delete Key Flyswatter: It's old school, but any nerd can appreciate this method. Available for $8. [Spoon Sisters]

Let the Gadgets Do the Dirty Work:

Electronic Venus Fly Trap: Bait is hidden inside the mouth of the trap, which is fitted with two sensors that quickly snap the jaws shut when a fly is detected. After the deed is done, the jaws reopen and the trap emits a satisfied burp. Available for around $40. [Eurocosm via Link]

Talking Bug Zapper: This inhumanely hysterical twist on the old-fashioned bug zapper adds one of 15 phrases including "that's gonna leave a mark," and "goodbye cruel world!" when the bugs come in contact with the grid. It's probably more annoying than anything else, but it's cheap at only $20. [Product Page]

DIY Projects:

Electric Roach Motel: This little DIY project can generate 10 pulses at 400 volts per second using a 9 volt battery and a PIC12F683 with a switchable clock speed. That will fry a roach up good. However, it is probably not a good idea to have around if you have dogs, small children or gigantic, clumsy feet. [Mondo Technology via Link]

Lego Mousetrap: Mice are not usually a major problem in the summertime, but when the weather starts getting cooler they can be a real nuisance. Fortunately, you can put your love of Legos to good use by building a simple trap that is activated by a pressure plate. [True Dimensions via Link]


Watch a Bug: It is supposed to be educational, but the bottom line is that you are holding a bug hostage in a tiny prison attached to your wrist. Whether it lives or dies a slow, agonizing death is up to you. Available for $5. [Wowcoolstuff]

Mosquito Spring-Loaded Bear Trap: Okay, this mini mosquito bear trap probably won't work, but if it ever did that would be a hunting tale for the ages. Available for $4. [FH Trading Post]

Let the Bugs Choose Their Own Fate:

Pest Decide: The device will draw in bugs using a set of UV LEDs, but which side will they choose? The blue light of Heaven or the red light of Hell? Either way, they still get zapped. Now that is cold. Available for around $28. [Lazybone]