Click to viewIn a twist of destiny, John Mayer-the guy who writes to Apple Support saying "Hey guys, John Mayer here" and actually gets replies back-had to turn into tech support guy after his dad called saying "Hey, John Mayer's dad here." The musician tried to guide his father through Mac OS X in order to find his Entourage icon with no success, getting more and more frustrated with every turn of the conversation. We were able to grab the hilarious 100% unedited clip from TMZ before it disappeared.

You all know we are not fans of John-one of Steve Jobs' favorite pop heads-but having experienced similar situations with family and friends, we absolutely sympathize with his frustration. Update: Some readers are saying this is staged. We don't know if it is or not, but it's funny nonetheless. Update 2: No, we are still not fans of John Mayer.


OK, you are right. We don't. [Tumblr - Video no longer available - Thanks Benny and Richard]