This week's Photoshop Contest wasn't a Photoshop Contest at all - it was an MS Paint contest. And while I knew I was going to get a boatload of insanity in my inbox, I wasn't quite prepared for what I got. You guys are insane. In a good way… I guess. In any case, I whittled the entries down to my favorites, and yet again, choosing a top 3 was next to impossible. This week, there's a top 3 and an honorable mention that I singled out because I'm vain and it mentions me getting a Pulitzer. Deal with it. Hit the jump for your winners and your completely schizophrenic Gallery of MS Paint Champions. First Place - Nathan McAllister

Second Place - Kaiser-Machead

Third Place - Ryan Goff

Honorable Mention - Steven McGann

Click to viewOne thing of note about the entries this week: there were an absolutely insane number of Apple/Steve Jobs references. I mean, there are always iPhones and Apple logos and Steve Jobs in the Photoshop Contest entries, but this week it felt like 90% of them had that in there. I'm not saying don't reference Apple, but I will say the ones without an Apple reference got preference for inclusion in the Gallery of MS Paint Champions so the whole thing wasn't all focused around the same "Apple as Overlords" joke. Food for thought for future contests. Anyhow, on to the gallery!