While AT&T terms of service don't allow customers to use their 3G internet to provide voice over IP, iPhone users could still save minutes utilizing VoIP over Wi-Fi. And a company named Global IP Solutions plans to release a VoIP software development kit for the iPhone that will not only allow developers to more easily create simple VoIP programs, but add VoIP functionality to the programs we already know and love. And the possibilities are really cool:

Imagine, for instance, playing Pac-Man where the ghosts are other players strategizing in realtime. Or picture Yelp or Urbanspoon packed with a GPS-triangulated chatroom, allowing you to ask others in the area where they like to eat-and if they'd like to meet up for a spontaneous date.


Global IP Solutions is certainly not the only company working on such ideas, but by offering a VoIP SDK to developers, it should make VoIP integration easier for the smaller developer who only has knowledge in one specific area.

The only problem is that even if these VoIP functions are within AT&T's Terms of Service, the resulting applications still need to be approved for the Apps Store. And if AT&T or Apple gets paranoid about VoIP competition, who knows what we'll actually see released. [informationweek]