There's something about the simplicity of a skateboard that keeps designers coming back to revisit it... but the SoulArc board certainly seems a worthy reinvention. It's designed to make skateboarding feel more like surfing, with a huge leaf-spring mounted between its long deck and the wheels: And it's less unwieldy-looking than this previous effort. As you dig your heel in, the spring relaxes into corners, giving you more of a surfing-through-waves feeling. There's a video of the board in action after the gallery.

Click to viewLooks like that suspension might let you take the SoulArc board into places you wouldn't think of taking a standard skateboard too. It's the invention of college student Mitch Mulder and Salvaore Vilardi, and it's due to go on sale soon, after being demoed at the Action Sports Retail show in San Diego. Price still to be decided. [Core77]