Kotaku is claiming that Nintendo will debut a new Nintendo DS in April or May of 2009. According to their sources, the new DS model's features will be similar to the next-generation DS wishlist we published last year. Kotaku says that both screens would have touch capability, which is reasonable to expect. They also point out that both screens will have a wide aspect ratio, which it's more difficult to believe unless they position the controls somewhere else (I don't see Nintendo sacrificing physical buttons for a pure touch interface.) They also claim that this may not be the Nintendo DS 2, but a revision to the current model. Personally, I don't know how can that be. With such new prominent features, which will require a new generation of games to be fully exploited, it won't make sense to not name label it as the next generation DS. In any case, they seem very confident about the news. So much in fact, that they used our Nintendo DS 2 3D mock-up to further highlight their scoop.

[Kotaku] Update: We originally attributed this to IGN, but after some searching, it appears Kotaku was the origin of the story. We're not sure why IGN didn't attribute the story to Kotaku, but we've fixed the links now. – JC