Put simply, CEDIA is a trade show that trains its attendees to prep a home for MTV Cribs. Simple as that. So as a result, the audiophile gear on display is a sight (and an expenditure) to behold. Especially if your Cribs client prefers speakers that cost more than some small countries' GDPs in their champagne room to better reproduce the low-end punch of his John Mayer SACDs. We didn't give a single one of these speakers any kind of field test, and we're not going to pretend for a second that that matters. Thankfully, you and I are not the folks who have to view these speakers as anything more than absolutely beautiful monuments to silly rich audio fetishists. So let's ogle: take the Sonnance "Threewheeler" donught-y Bluetooth outdoor speaker shown above as only the beginning. It costs $21,000. Plenty more where that came from in our captioned gallery: