Last week, I asked you to put your creative powers to good use by Photoshopping those Google Chrome comics for comedic effect. Remember Google Chrome? It wasn't released by Apple. How refreshing! In any case, hit the jump for your one very insane and head-scratching winner and the rest of the best in the Gallery of Champions.Rather than three winners this week, there's just one, due to the size and sheer overwhelming insanity of one person's entry. OMG Ponies created a 10 page epic that, while I'm not sure I understand it, is certainly impressive. I knew that it was either a stroke of brilliance or a cry for help, and as I don't want blood on my hands, I gave the crazy bastard what he wanted. Enjoy!

Note: in the future, please do not send in ridiculous, multi-part entries, as I'm not going to select them as the winners again as it's just more work for me and I'm lazy. Thank you! And now, the Gallery of Champions. Thanks to everyone who entered!