We got our hands on Canon's brand-new full-HD shooting 5D Mk II monster tonight, and well, yeah, we want it just as much as we did last night-even though Canon wouldn't let us pop our own CF cards in for some test shots and vids. We're not mad though-we ran through live view, video mode autofocus and everything else you can do with an SLR with no CF (ie: grope, grope, grope). Let's look.

As you know, AF during live view and HD video recording is tricky business. But the 5D adds three distinct modes for AF during live view-color contrast and facial recognition, an "quick" mode which quickly drops the mirror. You won't be able to track a fast moving object, but all are serviceable. Here you see the 5D correctly IDing Canon tech guru Chuck's mug.

Live view definitely takes a few seconds to pop to live, but it's worth the wait for what you get in the end. As you'll soon see here on Giz.