The Gadget: The EdgeStar Portable Evaporative Air Cooler, a tall oscillating fan with a water tank that, when activated and with an ice pack inside, adds an addition element of cooling to the fan setup.The Price: $129 The Verdict: While this fan isn't going to cool off a room better than an air conditioner, it's one of the better fans that I've used. It's tall and quiet, even at high settings, and the oscillating motion covers a pretty wide area. When the water function is turned on the air gets a bit cooler, at least when there's an ice pack inside, but not a whole lot cooler. Apparently, it's designed more for very dry areas such as the Southwest, not humid areas like the Northeast, where I am, but even still, this thing saved my life on more than one scorcher of a day this summer. Worth the scratch if you live in a dry area or are just looking for a solid, near-silent fan to keep you cool without sucking up the insane amount of energy that A/C units do. [CompactAppliance]