To follow up on its bicycling Murata Boy robot, Murata has subtracted a wheel, hired a stylist, thrown in a gyroscope and come up with the Seiko-chan, or "Little Seiko" unicycling robot. The small robot will be able to move forward and backward on its single wheel, and is even capable of keeping its balance at a standstill. Intended as an educational tool for youngsters, the bot can be controlled with Bluetooth and has a small camera mounted on the front. Murata claims that Little Seiko is designed to look like a kindergarten-aged girl, but I can't help but see the likeness to EVE, WALL-E's incorrigibly charming onscreen lady interest. The odd, outstretched arms (which are likely vital for balancing) and Pith helmet make the robot a little less endearing than its Pixar counterpart, but the resemblance is undeniable. Little Seiko's big debut is slated for CEATEC 2008, when we'll actually get to see this thing in action. [CrunchGear]