Sanyo knows that some of us are still upset that the futuristic fictional universe of The Jetsons doesn't look like it'll come to pass, so they've thrown us a bone: a Wi-Fi digital picture frame that looks like it came straight out of Jane Jetson's foyer. The innards are pretty unexciting , with Windows CE and 256mb of onboard memory to complement a fairly standard set of picture frame capabilities, including a wide range of storage support, Picasa downloads and limited audio playback. The frame more than makes up for being a technological bore by looking completely amazing, in a retro-futurist kind of way. It looks like it'll be Japan only for now, but expect about a $400 price tag if it ever makes its way over here. I'm not even sure Mr. Spacely could drop that much on a picture frame, though. [Sanyo via Akihabara]