Hey Jason, Can't sleep, so I'll tell you a story. Returning back to Japan from HK, my father crashed his fine aluminum Italian automobile into the rear end of a Mini Cooper while rushing me to the airport.Kind of surreal to know you're going to slide into another car and there's nothing you can do about it except yell like a baby. I kind of feel responsible, though, because he usually listens to classical music on his iPod and I got tired of it and so I jacked mine in and put on some Van Halen. What you listen to definitely affects how you drive and I also blame the music as much as I blame the fact that he's too old to be driving as fast as he was. I'd show you the photos, but I think my dad would rather I deleted them all. Here are some of my favorite posts from yesterday: • Netflix HD Impressions, On Xbox 360Why It's Safer Than Ever To Buy First-Generation HardwareMacBook vs MacBook Pro: Hardcore Graphics Death MatchMicrosoft Secondlight