Early voting rocks. Almost as much as Election Day voting, which you'll be doing tomorrow. For now, read all the awesome articles you missed this weekend because you were too busy answering all those robocalls: • Western Digital is going to try their hand at video streaming with the WD TV HD Media Player.Apple Halloween costumes? Sure! It's never to late to feed the fanboys!• BSODomize your friends with random BSOD screens. Just don't overdo it. • Speaking of fanboys... it's been explained by scientists. Doesn't make it any more cool though. • Who knew old hard drive parts could make a pretty cool clock? • The Tide at Omaha Beach is lovingly recreated in this handy water birthing tub. • Some guy built a miniature fighter jet on his own. 'nuff said • Signs of the Apocalypse: Poor people love the iPhone more than rich people. • Circuit City, we hardly knew thee. And now you are closing 155 stores. Best Buy's across the land will be lonely. • Did you spot the ISS trash falling from orbit Sunday? Whatever you do, don't touch anything! Now get your red or blue butt to the Gizmodo homepage and read all about the latest and greatest gadget news.