We'd already warned you that your local dead Circuit City wouldn't let a great liquidation deal go without a fight, but goddamn, they are not playing. Besides the standard trick of bumping the pre-sale price to eat into the paltry discount, HD Guru (who helped us buy an HDTV like a pro) runs down all the horrible reasons you shouldn't buy an HDTV there. There are absolutely no returns, and you can't get a power-on test in the store, so if you take a TV home and it's DOA, you're completely in the manufacturer's hands. All of the TVs on the floor are being sold at the same liquidation price at the others, despite likely having used up 25 percent of their life. In short, it's a wasteland, and our advice is to stay far, far away for now. But if you persist, read Gary's guide. [HD Guru, Image: Getty Images]