The suits might fire me for this...but I'm slashing the price on this lovely Dell Mini 9 laptop to $529. Holy crap, I just blacked out. What did I just say? Did I just say $529? I meant to say $1,529! Hell, I meant to say $10,529! Well no going back now, the Dell Mini 9 laptop is here on QVC for just $529. These are great for kids, grandparents, baseball players...wait a second...I'm receiving word that you can actually customize this same system for $449 on Well...I mean...then you'd have to...go online...series of youtubes...and stuff. Update: Dell says that particular configuration actually runs $552 on plus shipping, so you actually do save a bit through QVC. Your grandmother is vindicated after all! So, uhh, I'd recommend all QVC fans buy the Dell Mini 9 from us, then go to and pick up a second Dell Mini 9 for only $449. That's two laptops for under $1000 here on QVC. Damn, still got it! [Lilliputing]