So you watch TV to feel whole again? That's why you missed the crème de la crème of weekend gadget and tech news? Trust me, when you read this, you'll feel better again: • The Black Friday ads are coming! This weekend it was all about OfficeMax. • Not to be outdone, Target hit us up with a leaked Black Friday ad too. Remember when this info was a surprise? • Speaking of leaks, did you see the bootleg Star Trek trailer? Spock. Angry!• Broken MacBook Pro is reborn as a sweet "mini tower" Mac Pro Mini • No lawsuit too small: iPhone 3G case cracks added to the class action list. • Original NASA moons images made beautiful with ultra HD. • Even Google gets the shaft from Apple and the App Store approval process. • Forget the iPhone, Verizon pits BlackBerry against BlackBerry in a pit of death! • Assault with a deadly weapon now includes Apple iPhone rechargers. • Mr. President-Elect, we're going to need to have you surrender your Blackberry at the door. Now, chin up, and read more great gadget news and views at the homepage.