At last you can avoid the hassle of taking your Lasonic Ghetto Blaster every single time you go to the park: Now the park will have boom boxes the size of a park bench, with more than 500 watts of high quality ghetto thump. You only need a cellphone with Bluetooth audio support, and the Boom Bench will be yours to annoy every single person 10 miles around you.

The Boom Bench features eight 60-watt co-axial speakers and two subwoofers that can be accessed through Bluetooth. The Boom Bench in a way is a super-sized Docking Station. Connect your player to the amplifier and take control. Now you can play your music with 95 dB high quality sound. A Bass Shaker in the seat transforms the deep sounds into vibrations that enhance the physical sensation of your tunes.

Great, so now only you can shake your bootie good to your favorite hip hop, but the bench itself will do it for you. My dog Jones would love it. For him to poop on (since it won't work with his iPhone). [Dezeen]