Who says you need drugs to have a good time? All you need is an open mind and a little imagination to tap into the psychedelic potential of your brain. Oh, and gadgets like the 10 featured here can definitely help. Even if they don't work, just remember that even without the drugs you still have sex and rock n' roll. That should be enough for anyone.

Fiber Optic Wallpaper: Designer Camilla Diedrich has added a 21st century upgrade to drab old wallpaper by adding intricate designs illuminated with fiber optics. It's a cool idea—but I would still opt for a fresh coat of paint. [Bodie and Fou via Link]

Primal Source Fountain: Earlier this year artist Usman Haque tripped out all of Santa Monica, CA with a fountain projection that resembled a drug-induced hallucination. [Link]

Genso Kukan Aurora Simulator: This gadget claims to simulate the aurora borealis or "northern lights" on the walls in your home. The 6-inch tall Genso Kukan Aurora also features a 30-minute sleep timer to gently send you off on your own mystical journey through the mind. Plus, you will get a lot more mileage out of the $66 price tag than you would using it to purchase mind-bending substances. [HimeyaShop via Link]

Wave LED Coffee Table: The Wave table utilizes 32 near-infrared sensors to detect movement and follow it with trails of light and color from 480 LEDs. As you move your hand or your glass over the surface of the table, the LEDs follow along—allowing you to enjoy a similar experience as a stoner that becomes momentarily captivated by the movement of his own hands. Tables can be made to order for around $1800-$2000. [Because We Can via Link]

Magic Mushroom and the Incredible Expanding Bunny: Stare at the hypnotic spinning disc for around 20 seconds and then direct your eyes towards the magic mushroom and the bunny. Magically, they will both expand before your eyes. Available for around $6. [iwoot]

Hyposurface: These fabric and plastic walls are driven by thousands of mechanical pistons to create a morphing movement that is mesmerizing to watch in action. I tell you what, you had better be drug-free when standing in the midst of one of these Hyposurface walls—otherwise it will freak...you...out. [Hyposurface via Link] The Good-Old Fashioned Isolation Tank: Nothing offers a drug-free hallucination better than a sensory deprivation or "isolation" tank. Just ask comedian and sober-stoner Joe Rogan. Earlier this year he gave away his old tank, and he can be seen here gushing about its psychedelic potential. [Link]

Ganzfeld Hallucinations: Isolation tanks are great, but unless you get a hand out from Joe Rogan they are going to be a tad expensive. Not so with this little DIY project. All you need is a pair of headphones and a ping pong ball that has been cut in half. Apparently, if you place the ping pong ball over your eyes and listen to white noise through the headphones, you will be in for a mind altering experience. Being a burn-out probably helps with this one. [Link]

Disco Bath: Place one of these mini-waterproof LED lightshows into your bath, sit back and let the psychedelic color patterns take control of your mind. Pre-order for $13. [Firebox via Link]

Eye Candy USB Lollipop: According to the product page, this curious confectionery "uses cutting edge Sensory Substitution Technology to transmit vivid emotive images into your mind's eye." It's based on "scientific" research conducted in the 1970s that the brain can accept certain forms of non-visual stimuli and transform it into a visual image. Using a charge via USB, Eye Candy lays down a matrix of small electrical pulses on your tongue in the shape of an object. Theoretically, you should be able to "see" the object it traces. Now here is where it really gets interesting...the pops come in six flavors designed to help you achieve the "right state of mind." For example: the pop can trace the image of a spider on your tongue to help you overcome your fears. Although the product is not currently available, the goal is to have Eye Candy out sometime in the near future at a cost of around $90. [Eye Candy via Link]