We've got a Verizon tipster who let us know that starting today, Verizon is offering one free high-def or standard-def set-top box to new customers—but it's all unofficial, see? All you have to do is sign up for one of Verizon's 12-month commitments and kvetch and moan about the monthly set-top box's pricing being too high, and the guy doing your installation sales rep will offer you one of the boxes for free. Update: My mistake, it's not the installer you need to complain to but a telephone sales rep. Sorry for the confusion. The box would eventually cost you $120 over the year of service, so it's a pretty sizable deal, but there's a caveat, as always. Don't mention that you know it's procedure, don't mention that it's a promotion, hell, don't even mention that you were reading Gizmodo. Just casually say that the monthly pricing is too much for you, and you'll be "immediately offered the free box." And hey, uh, if anybody asks, you didn't get this from me. Capiche? [Thanks, Anonymous!]