Today we give thanks together-thanks for our family, our friends, the delicious high-calorie spread before us, and the ability to slap your friend's face on a cartoon turkey and email it to their mom. Behold, it's the finest eating day of the year, and the App Store is here to help with some new holiday cheer and a few classics suited to the occasion.

Turkey Hunt: I may be soaking my turkey in duck fat pre-roast, but still, I don't want to play no Duck Hunt on this great day. Thankfully, there's Turkey Hunt, reminding us that for us to enjoy the delicious bird on the table, a turkey's life, somewhere, came to a violent and abrupt end.

Turkeynizer: A friend of mine has already started making Elf Yourself messages. They're fun the whole year 'round, but I'm going to show her the Turkeynizer. Make this turkey dance and I'll pay a couple bucks-for stills, free is good!

Convert Aid: This may be a 100% American holiday, and I may be 100% American, but at heart, I often find myself yearning for the metric system. Cups? Ounces? Tablespoons? Drams? What? Now when you're throwing together the feast, there's Convert Aid: solving the English system's mysteries one retardedly illogical measure at a time. $1

Last Call: If your Grandma's house isn't the place for one big sloppy sleepover (too bad!), make sure you don't spend Black Friday in the drunk tank by keeping a close, er, approximation of your consumption before hitting the road. Because "officer, it's not my fault that a great meal needs a great wine!" is just not going to work. It's free.

LED Football: Hate the Lions as much as Henry Paulson does? Then instead of watching John Madden dole out drumsticks, it's probably time to retire to the den with the can of Reddi Whip, sufficiently elasticized pants and some LED football, just like old times. It's a buck.
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