As you might know, Gizmodo is hosting the San Francisco Funde Razor event, where you're invited to play Rock Band for charity. But it doesn't stop there—we have a bunch of giveaways for you guys.

If you come out to Funde Razor tomorrow night (7 PM, Shine Bar) you'll have a chance to win any of the following:


• The ambiguous Chumby internet thingamajig
• Zune 120 w/ Zune Points
• Zune 16 w/ Zune Points
• Sony PS2 with Singstar games
• Lego Factory Space Skulls Set
• Lego Factory Star Justice Set
• Lego Factory Modular House Set
•Lego Creator 3-in-1 Boat/Plane/Airship Set
•Lego Star Wars General Grievous Set

...and expect more prizes to surface. If you're in SF, you should stop by. Just be 21. [Funde Razor]

Funde Razor SF
1337 Mission St
SF, Ca 94103
7pm-12am 21+