The race to bring the first retardedly huge 8MP cameraphone to the U.S. is on! After a Samsung 8MP piece with T-Mobile livery surfaced, the FCC has outed the 8.1MP C905 bound for AT&T.

Asia and Europe have been enjoying the C905 since the summer, but the FCC report lists the 850/1900 WCDMA banding, which means it will support 3G on AT&T. It also packs in a Xenon flash, LED video light, image stabilization, face-detecting autofocus and video recording.

Since you're reading Gizmodo and you're smart, you already know that blowing out resolution to 8MP doesn't mean squat when you're dealing with a tiny cellphone-chip sensor, but if you need to be able to take three-megabyte JPGs with your cameraphone, one of these two will do you you right. [FCC via Boy Genius]