I was a disappointed when I saw Logitech's G13 gamepad, because I really wanted a new keyboard. Well, here it is, the G18, which looks like it has a full-blown LCD display.

The form factor and key layout looks almost exactly like the current G15 keyboard, except with double the number of fast function buttons on the left, and a few additional buttons strung along the top.


So the real update, besides the new back-in-black paint job, is the full-color LCD screen in the center—past models of the G-series gaming keyboards have had LCD displays, but they were monochromic. This looks like a full-blown LCD. Superfluous? Yep. Awesome? Yep yep. I'm guessing it's going to push the price tag well north of $100, probably to around $150. But I bet I still want one. [Engadget China via Engadget]