Following our anti-Dubai-gigarchitecture article on the slimmest houses in the world, reader Micah Sherman has sent us which may be the thinnest, smallest house in any city in the world. Updated with more crazy examples.

The house is located in Amsterdam and after seeing it, I'm thinking about subletting my closet.

Aldaron, another Giz reader, sent us this other crazy thin building located in South Kensington, London.


Reader Sonia Ebert took this photo of a tiny shop in Salzburg, Austria:


Reader Daniela Farias sent us this one in Brazil, which definitely seems to beat the one in Amsterdam (which looks wider than 1 meter (3.28 feet), with the following comment:

This one is 1m wide, 10m tall, at Bahia, Brazil....doesn't look half as good at the deleloped countries ones though. The owner says she plans on building a balcony for it :p


[Slimmest houses in the world-Thanks Micah, Aldaron, Daniela, and Sarah]