Gifts from Japan! Since 1947, Tokyo-based Gakken has created some of the most sought-after science, music, and engineering kits for kids and adults.

MAKE Magazine is pleased to be the only retailer in North America selling these educational and collectible kits. Our team personally selected the kits while visiting the Gakken headquarters in Japan. The attention to detail in these products is so incredible you won't believe it. From vacuum tube amp kits to mechanized metal centipedes to Stirling engines, the Maker Shed store has the best of the best from Japan


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Vacuum tube amp kit - Build your own retro, vacuum tube based amp for your iPod or portable music player. You can also experiment with sound by inserting normal straws of different lengths in the rear of the speakers
Edison-Style Cup Phonograph kit - This replica kit uses the same technology that Thomas Edison used, replacing Edison's waxed pipe and stylus with a plastic cup and a needle, but the end results are the same! You record your own voice on a plastic cup — and play it back!
Stirling Engine Kit - The Stirling Engine kit is as majestic as a piece of art, and is used to understand the basics of thermodynamics. You can try three different experiments: the generator, the fan, and the car.
Gravity clock kit - Build your own beautiful gravity clock, customize it using own counter weight!