Sean Fallon represents the Mid-Atlantic for Giz; he's a resident of a small town in the Raleigh-Durham area, home to a lot of college basketball.

Living near the capital of North Carolina made my location choices clear. Technology plays an important role in the lives of college students, and some of the biggest colleges in the country are located right in my backyard. Plus, it made sense geographically given that the colleges are located in major cities.


The big three colleges are as follows: The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (Chapel Hill), North Carolina State University (Raleigh) and Duke University (Durham). Wake Technical is the biggest community college in the area, and it's country Raleigh location made for an interesting comparison.

Research Triangle Park (RTP), my fifth location, is one of the oldest and largest science parks in the US. It's also home to over 170 companies like IBM, Cisco, Lenovo, Red Hat and Verizon. Because the area is so wired, it was a must-have on the list.

AT&T was the clear winner here, with just one minor hiccup in an otherwise perfect game. Verizon had a few moments of glory, but not enough for a trend, and Sprint, well, Sprint didn't pull off much here.

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