Giz Trivia: Did you know that Mark Wilson was our man in Illinois? That's right, up until this year he was living in Urbana, but now he's in Chicago, home of the very best and very worst of politics.

For Gizmodo's tour of Chicago, I tested the Southside, Northside and sort of Middleside of the city. So I started in the lot of Comiskey Park (Go Sox), checked out reception a two blocks east of Michigan Ave by the Water Tower and then finished things off at a Starbucks in Wrigleyville (Clark & Belmont). It's sort of like our own Crosstown Classic, minus the urinal trough with some shopping sprinkled in.

On downloads, Verizon won two contests, while Sprint won one. AT&T never managed to grab a brass ring. Even in uploads, where AT&T is strong, it only managed to win one round. Verizon isn't the clear winner, though, since the downtown location (Streeterville) caused reception difficulties.

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