New York editor John Mahoney was all over this project, not only initiating testing in NYC but helping set up the program so that everyone else could follow suit.

Bryant Park (Sunday, 7:25pm)
Was in Bryant park on a nice warm Sunday night. Drank a coffee, tested 3G sticks. It's in midtown, but midtown on Sunday evening is likely about as empty as these networks get in the city, so all three cards performed well here.


Upper West Side (Sunday, 9pm)
My girlfriend's 4th floor apartment in an old (read: not built for radio reception) apartment. In her living room, which is pretty much in the core of the building. So a bad reception area. AT&T took the biggest hit here, but surprisingly, this was Sprint's best performance out of the four locations.

Rockaway Beach (Friday, 3:30pm)
Sitting on a rock jetty extending into the Atlantic off of Rock-Rock...Rockaway beach, dodging salt water spray. JFK is nearby so it's not in the absolute boonies, and all three networks were pretty close, with VZW being the worst and AT&T the best.

Brooklyn (Sunday, 5:30pm)
My house in Clinton Hill/Ft. Greene. Second floor, lots of windows-never had a problem with reception. I must be right next to a Sprint tower because Sprint obliterated the other two. My neighborhood is pretty old-school, so it doesn't surprise me that AT&T and VZW aren't totally built out here yet.

Sprint was way ahead of the other two, who seemed to be in a dead heat most of the time. In downloads, Verizon beat AT&T, but in uploads, AT&T beat Verizon.

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