The Gadget: Intelligent Forms' laptop pillows, which not only cushion and protect, but look fairly nice as a throw pillow in your living room.


The Price: $80 for the log, $80 for the button pillow $56

The Verdict: They're expensive. There's no getting around it. And yes, you could probably make your own, if you had the knowhow and the time, for much, much cheaper than this costs (which is a subject of another post I'm writing). So why would you buy this?

Well, I don't know. It's nice looking, in my opinion, and they're actually functional. The log pillow has just about the right amount of space between the holes to fit a MacBook (but not a MacBook Pro). This makes for a decent wrist rest, and the holes on the bottom let enough air evacuate that the laptop doesn't overheat. The softness also feels great on your thighs.


The button pillow is essentially a regular pillow with buttons on it—made for lifting the bottom of the laptop away from the cloth so it can ventilate properly. Yeah, it really is just a bunch of buttons on a pillow. But it works; the buttons aren't too hard and the pillow is soft.

Which brings us back to the original point of why you'd want it. I don't know. Even if you aren't of the type to DIY and construct one of these out of spare parts, $80 is still ridiculously expensive for a laptop pillow that doesn't have a fan, doesn't have USB ports and doesn't do much of anything.

Yeah, even at $80, which is half the price that we saw it at originally, it's still too expensive by 50%. So, there's not much we can say here. We love it, and we love the concept (which is why we wanted to review it), but we can't recommend it at this price. [Log and Button]


Update: Intelligent Forms just told me they managed to lower the price to $56.