Despite its blurry focus and dodgy reflections, this video of the Kogan Agora—following yesterday's requisite in-the-wild fuzzy photos—is an official release. Poor production values aside, the Agora is looking puhhhrreeetyyy good.

Response is snappy, which could be down to the Agora's hardware or the as-of-yet uncertain scalability of Android. The interface seems to work fine on this differently shaped screen, and the hybrid touch/keyboard navigation, partially explored with the G1 but more fully realized here, is a natural fit for the OS.

In fact, this whole form factor looks like it suits Android quite well, so a certain other manufacturer who builds touchscreen/QWERTY phones and is planning a new non-Android OS should probably watch closely, and pray that companies like Kogan don't come out with a less-clunky variant of the Agora. The Agora's formal debutant party is at CES, so look out for more sightings and even a hands-on. [Giz AU]